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How to submit your photos

  • The Online Spinning & Weaving Guild will accept any photo of your original textile creations or items of interest to other textile artists. Please be sure that you have permission to submit photos of work that is not your own. We reserve the right to refuse to post any photo that we feel is not appropriate for this gallery.

  • Please limit the number of photos to five. Email us if you would like to send more or if you would like to post group or special event photos.

  • Scan your photos and save them into either a jpeg or gif file format with a '.jpg' or '.gif' extension (not '.jpeg'). Try to keep the file size as small as possible by keeping the resolution to no more than 72 dots per inch and reducing the image to no more than 640x480 pixels in size.

  • Use our Upload Program to copy your photo files to our server. Then email us at oswg@herran.com with the following info. Your name, your email address, the file name, a description of the photo, and in which category you would like it to appear. If you send several pictures, please be sure to include the above info about each one.

  • Check back in a few days to see your photo on our site. If there are any problems, please let us know at oswg@herran.com and we'll fix them as soon as possible.

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