Selling tapestry loom. Selling Navajo table loom.

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Posted by atartaul on Tuesday, 20 December 2005, at 6:41 a.m.:

(1)SWEDISH (Glimakra) upright tapestry loom. Never warped. Weaving width is approximately 39-40". Assembled and located in San Diego county. Parts: cloth beam, peg bar, two ratchets, heddle bar, warp pegs, shed stick, warp beam. This is an improvement on the traditional FLEMISH loom as revealed in the 1967 text: FLEMISH WEAVING, A guide to Tapestry Techniques by Gertrude Ingers. Nevertheless, the instructions and photographs in Ingers's text are similar to warping the Glimakra. I would strongly recommend it as a guide. The book contents are listed as: Introduction, History, Weaving equipment, weaving techniques, materials, dyes and dyeing, color illustrations, old and new
designs and patterns, designs for beginners, list of suppliers.

(@) I have two Navajo 'table' looms, i.e. frames which can be used at a table. One of them is warped with an unfinished pattern. The second is just the frame. They were built for a weaving class conducted by Helga Miles, many years ago in San Diego. They are duplicates of the large looms which the Navajos use in Northen Arizona. They are recommended for beginning weavers to understand the basics of warping and weaving small articles. They are the most primitive kind of weaving and provide a good foundation for understanding how the Navajos created their blankets on their large looms by their Hogans. The warped loom is $25.00. The unwarped farm is $10.00

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